Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Impure Golf Club Logo? Well Here are 3 to Start!

At dinner the other night someone asked me, after seeing the best logos on the blog,  "So, what's the worst golf club logo out there?"
That got me thinking. I should stress that my choices have nothing whatsoever to do with the quality of the golf course. The choices are based on aesthetic, ease of use for, say embroidery, quality of design and memorability.

I'm not quite what the folks at Dallas National were thinking - ok, so you have bridge, but do you need to put it front and center. The logo would be perfect for a bridge construction company!

Ah, The Members Club at Four Streams. Four streams, not 1 or 2 or 3 streams as depicted in the logo. The logo is so confusing it's tough to know where the stream is and where the banks are!  So how do they have a logo without 4 streams in it - the current logo would seem to be at least 1 stream short of a golf club!

All of the Trump golf clubs have the same logo, which is great, because collectively I can say they are all dreadful. The only difference between Trump National in D.C and LA is in the copy underneath the fake royal crest. For the master marketer, Trump, to have a such a mess of a golf logo is truly astounding. Donald, hire a great design firm and simplify the mess.

Let me know any other candidates for the Hall of Club Logo shame.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bandon - The Legend Continues with The Preserve

As if opening the fourth course at Bandon Dunes this year was not enough for Mike Keiser and his team - another one is coming in 2012. Called Bandon Preserve, the new course is a 13 hole par 3 course that will measure between 819 yards and just under 1,500 yards - now that sounds like the perfect respite after one of the "big" courses in the morning. On our last visit to Bandon we made the fatal mistake of simply playing too much golf (it's tough not too!) and on subsequent golf trips have started acting our age and taking the odd morning off and enjoying 18 holes in a day. Bandon Preserve will prove to be incredibly popular with visitors and you can read more by Golf Digest's roving reporter, Matt Ginella here and see Matt's wonderful construction pictures here.