Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What's in my Pure Bag?

I have been asked online twice this week, what is in my golf bag? Well, I don't need to be asked 3 times, so here you go - the whole enchilada!

Ball - Callaway Hex Black Tour - Callaway's latest and a really great ball!

Glove - Various G-Fore colored gloves - the coolest glove on the market - choose your color each round!

Irons - 4 through 9 iron - Callaway Forged (2007) with Project X 6.0 shafts. Great irons and I still haven't found anything as good to replace them.

Wedges - Callaway forged with copper finish in following lofts - 48, 54, 58 (green initials stamped on the back)

3 wood - Callaway X Hot (2004) They have never made a better 3 wood, though I just hit the new Callaway RAZR Fit 3 wood and it is pretty close! You will not find a better 3 wood for $84 (in Callaway Pre-owned)

Driver - Callaway RAZR Fit 9.5 degree - still experimenting with different shafts. The stock shaft is really good, but with an open face my launch angle was too low, so it's now closed, which increases loft, even though that is counterintuitive.

Hybrid - nothing, nada! - Still trying to find the perfect hybrid, as I have a huge gap between 3 wood and 4 iron. I carry an old 5 wood for certain courses, which is crazy! Suggestions on a postcard.

Golf Bag - MacKenzie Walker Sunday Bag - Green and brown leather with cool Union Jack sewn inside the ball pocket. Expensive yes, gorgeous, yes and the only bag you will ever need!

Putter - Scotty Cameron Yellow Dot Tour Newport - A thing of beauty! My gamer is often an old original Reuter Bullseye.

Grips - Lamkin 3Gen colors - finally a manufacturer introducing some solid colors into their range. Love these!

Head covers - Seamus Golf - Handmade custom MacDuff tartan covers for my driver, 3 wood and putter - gorgeous wool head covers from a cool Portland company!

Golf Ball Marking Tool - The best way to make your mark is Tin Cup. I use a "Green" custom Tin Cup or the British Flag.

Ball Marker - Winston Churchill commemorative coin from 1965. You can get them on ebay, though it is useless inside 5 feet as it is 2 inches across!

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