Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Rules, Rules, Rules.

The subject of the rules of golf seems to have reared its head on more than one occasion this season. Whether it was long putters, incorrectly replacing divots, bunkers or no bunkers or Petersson’s flying leaf at Kiawah. It seems to be the latest obsession for those rules geeks out there who think it is okay to call in rulings having seen a possible infraction on high def TV. It’s hard to think of another sport where this happens – imagine its 3rd and goal and someone calls in the right guard twitching on the offensive line, even though the refs missed it. Doesn’t happen does it? And for good reason, the referee is in charge and makes the call, not some guy sitting on his couch drinking beer and eating doritos. Let’s just let the on course rules officials do their job and resist the temptation to make the call!