Thursday, May 30, 2013

Five Pure Golf Gifts for Father's Day

I make no excuses with our Father's Day Gift Guide. All of these fine golf companies are clients and we are very proud to work with them. I'm sure you'll find something very cool here for Dad. One key thing to note with all of these great gifts - they are ALL Made in America. Which is nice!

1. Josh Smith Golf Landscapes. Josh paints gorgeous golf landscapes. His portfolio runs from Bandon Dunes Resort to Pebble Beach and many wonderful courses in between. We recently found three perfect, limited edition, tubed giclees on archive paper in a cupboard. The images are Royal County Down (3rd hole), Bandon Trails (3rd hole) and Pebble Beach (7th hole as it was in 1929 - above). Just because it is you, we are offering these for $195 each, including USPS shipping. There are three left and that's it! - if you would like one email me at and we'll get it out the same day to you.
2. Lee Wybranski Art & Design. Lee is having quite a year and his latest poster for the USGA for this year's U.S. Open at Merion is another stunning piece. Featuring the iconic red wicker basket, it is perfect for Dad's den! You can buy it here on the USGA's site. If you would like to explore more of Lee's work have a look at his website here.

3. MacKenzie Walker Golf Bag Company. Todd Rohrer, way out west in Portland, Oregon produces the best golf bags in the business - bar none! Now this gift takes some thought and perhaps input from your father to produce a one off handcrafted piece of magic. I have been guided through the process three times by Todd and each golf bag is a work of art! Some would say they are expensive at $845, but think about it - you spend that on a set of clubs and two years later switch them out and they are worth about $50! The MacKenzie will last a lifetime and the memory will be priceless. Have a look at the amazing selection of leathers here.

4. Stitch Golf. Based in North Carolina, Stitch makes amazing leather headcovers and other cool leather accessories - I have their #1 iPad cover! We first came across Stitch last year and in a short period of time they have made huge strides at retail and with consumers. Look out for their Merion U.S. Open covers if you are at the tournament - but be quick, because they are going to fly off the shelves! Read more about Stitch here.

5. Tin Cup. The Father's Day Package here is a great way to choose the best cup to fit Dad's golf game. Plus it includes a couple of pens, poker chip and leather valuables pouch. Tin Cup is now in over 1,400 retail outlets in the U.S. as well as being on line here with 140 designs. In addition you could create a one off custom design here.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Wrapped - The Pure Golf Ball

I came across these wrapped Slazenger B51 golf balls the other day in my office. This was actually the ball that Jack Nicklaus used for many years in the 60s.

There was a purity to the wrapped golf ball and opening a new ball on the first tee was a great feeling. Sadly, in these days of mass manufacturing, golf balls come off the production line straight into 3 packs and miss out the wrapping machine to save a couple of cents. It's a shame and I bet that if one of the major manufacturers reintroduced this element they could more than compensate for the cost by adding a premium to a top of the range ball. Anyone have any great memories of wrapped golf balls? When was the last time you used one?

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Streamsong Review - A New Addition to the Pures

Over at our sister site, macduffconsulting, you will find a full review of a days golf at wonderful Streamsong - a worthy addition to purist golf. You can read it here -

Thursday, January 31, 2013

3 Pures From The PGA Show

So, I am back from a terrific Golf Show in Orlando  - There really was a buzz in the air this year - rounds played were up in 2012, Callaway are back with style and once again I have selected three Pure products that fit the style and ethos of our site.

True Linkswear
It's no secret I am a big fan of this company. The True guys created a new category of walkable, comfortable shoes and naturally all the other big boys have jumped on the bandwagon. Nike, adidas, Footjoy all have their low profile version, but none are as good as the original Trues. In 2013 they have  introduced a couple of exciting new designs - I particularly like the look of the Chukka, with a little more height for those rainy days when only a walk will do! Read More Here.

Callaway's new X Hot Pro 3 wood

A new golf club on the golf purist? Yes, it does happen if I see one that is true to itself and free of all the horrendous graphics that are popping up on golf clubs. The flashes and geometric designs from Nike, Adams and Taylormade won't last - they do nothing other than distract the eye.

For a gorgeous clean golf club take a look at the new Callaway X Hot Pro 3 wood. I have the wonderful old X Hot 3 wood in my bag from 2006 and it is my "go to club"  - I don't think Callaway has ever made a better golf club - who knows - maybe the new X Hot Pro 3 could takes its place. Read More Here.

G/Fore Golf Shoes

More footwear, this time from world famous fashion designer, Mossimo Giannulli. Last year he added color to the boring old white golf glove, but kept it pure by choosing beautiful colors. This year he has added shoes to the line and come up with contemporary colors to add some verve to the fairways. They are coming soon, so keep your eye on his website here 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"The Show" Is Here!

Well, it's in a couple of days and I will be attending for the 24th time - is it a badge if honor or dishonor?  - I'm not sure! As well as conducting MacDuff business I'll have my golf purist hat on and be on the look out for all things pure in golf. I'll report back next week with photos and some copy.

Friday, January 4, 2013

New TaylorMade Drivers Graphics...shield your eyes!

TaylorMade are once again pushing the design envelope with their new drivers. They did the same a couple of years ago with the white drivers, which have become the norm on Tour and amongst many amateur players. But, this time they have outdone themselves with the ugliest graphics ever seen on a golf club. The clubs in question are the R1 Driver (top picture) and Rocketballz Stage 2 Driver (bottom picture.) The graphics, we are told, are to improve alignment and seek their inspiration from racing cars. Well, they should have left them on the cars and how on earth these will help alignment goodness only knows. Suffice to say, as good as the technology of these golf club is, the graphics will ensure they never make it into the purists bag!